Your guide to: Maintaining bright, hydrated summer skin

Your guide to: Maintaining bright, hydrated summer skin

Your guide to: Maintaining bright, hydrated summer skin

We welcome long days spent under the sun, but summer can zap our skin of its glow. UV rays and ocean swims dry our skin out, leaving the complexion feeling tight, inflamed and dull. And while SPF is a summer skincare essential, keeping our skin hydrated and luminous isn’t that simple.

But with a science-backed understanding your skin, a balanced and bright complexion is only a few easy switches away.   

Keep reading to discover the effects of summer on our complexion and how you can optimse your routine for dewy, smooth skin year-round.

Why is my skin so dry?

There’s some science at play here. Water likes balance – a state of equilibrium. So when this balance is thrown off, water corrects itself and diffuses from areas of high concentration to low concentration.

Now let’s apply this to your skin. Unless you’re in a humid, tropical climate, hot summer air is extremely dry. There’s very little moisture. So when you’re keeping hydrated – sipping on water and applying hydrating skincare – your skin is plump and juicy. But as nature would have it, the summer sun can cause water to evaporate from the body. This leaves skin parched, uncomfortably tight and lacklustre.

But our skin doesn’t have to be at the mercy of the elements. Start your summer skincare refresh by analysing your skin – then maximise skin’s hydration from the inside and out.

What’s the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

A little more science: dry skin lacks lipids and oils, while dehydrated skin lacks water. 

Dry skin is a skin type, you’re born with it. You’re likely to experience dry skin all year round and prone to skin flaking and roughness. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition. It’s accelerated by seasonal, environmental and lifestyle changes. You might notice fine dehydration lines, more pronounced wrinkles and a dull, lacklustre complexion.

And even in the heat of summer – when we’re sweating and feeling like an oil-slick – the drying and irritating effects of UV rays can exacerbate our skin concerns. So while it might feel like we’re in need of a deep cleanse, our skin can still be dry and inflamed below the surface.

What are the best ingredients for skin hydration?

To hydrate dry and dehydrated summer skin, there’s four skincare ingredient essentials in your routine. And they work even better together.

The skin hydrators

Hydrators like hyaluronic acid are hydrophilic – meaning they attract water. Hyaluronic acid molecules carry up to 1000 times their weight in water, so when they’re applied to skin, hyaluronic acid molecules increase and maintains skin’s water content.

If you have dehydrated skin, apply a hyaluronic acid serum or gel-cream moisturiser to damp skin. This allows hyaluronic acid to pull water deeper into your skin for maximum efficacy and a supple complexion – without crossing the line between dewy and oily.

The skin soothers

If your skin looks red and feels warm to the touch, you might be experiencing inflammation. Inflammation can cause moisture to evaporate from skin and compromise the skin barrier.

So pair hydrating ingredients with healing vitamins and minerals – like niacinamide, vitamin B5 or zinc – in your daily serum or a weekly calming treatment.

As you hydrate and repair your skin, calming inflammation will also restore skin’s even, glowing appearance and prevent premature ageing on a cellular level. 

The ingestible skin saviours

Working in tandem with your daily water intake, ingestible beauty solutions like Natural Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Complex are clinically studied to increase skin hydration – and with visible results in weeks.

If fine lines and loss of elasticity are your primary skin concern, Natural Marine Collagen is a natural – and clinically proven – way to stimulate collagen production and support the ageing process. After 12 weeks of one daily sachet in a glass of water, you can expect firm, glowing skin, plus healthy hair and nails.

For severely dry, dehydrated and stressed skin, try an ingestible hyaluronic acid. When you ingest the much-loved skincare ingredient, its hydrating benefits are amplified and lasting. Vida Glow’s on-the-go Hyaluronic Complex is also formulated with cica, niacinamide and zinc to hydrate and calm in one step.

The skin protectors

Once you’ve hydrated and soothed your skin, lipid and oil-based substances called occlusives seal everything in. Occlusives like shea butter in the Hydra-Memory Cream are heavier, larger molecules which create a protective barrier on skin’s surface. 

To find the perfect routine for you, follow a hydrating or protective antioxidant serum with a lightweight occlusive formula like Vida Glow’s during the day, finishing with SPF to protect your skin and its hydration.

How can I keep my skin hydrated in summer?

Whether you’re dry or dehydrated, replenish your skin by being strategic with your skincare and mindful of your time in the elements.

1. Rethink your exfoliator

If you’re using a physical exfoliator on your face, keep it far, far away. When used with a heavy-hand, the microparticles in physical exfoliators can create microtears in your skin and compromise your skin barrier – leading to trans-epidermal water loss, dehydration and inflammation.

On the other hand, chemical exfoliators lift dead skin cells and the glue that holds them together – for a fresh complexion that’s primed to soak-up the hydrating skincare that follows. If your skin’s naturally dry, dehydrated or sensitive, reach for gentle alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) like lactic acid or a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) if you’re prone to breakouts.

After cleansing your skin, try swiping on your exfoliator one to three times a week and adjust your routine from there to maintain skin’s soft, smooth surface. Just be cautious of sun exposure over the next few days. Chemical exfoliators can temporarily sensitise skin, so be strict with your SPF application to avoid irritation and aggravating your skin concerns.

2. Ease-off harsh actives

Retinol, we’re looking at you. If particular skincare actives or high-strength formulas have been known to sensitise or inflame your skin, give yourself a break. Drop your active skincare applications back to once a week or every other day until you find a new routine that works for your dry skin and skin concerns.

And if actives are still drying-out your skin, try ‘sandwiching’ your skincare. After cleansing, apply your go-to moisturiser and then your active of choice. By applying a thin layer of hydration, the moisturiser buffers the drying effects of harsh topicals – so you can reap its benefits without the irritating side effects. Then, finish with a final layer of moisturiser to lock everything in.

3. Step out of the hot water

Summer is the time to embrace ice-cold – or at least tepid – showers.  Hot water can strip moisture from your skin, so turn down the temp and face away from the showerhead to maintain your skin’s natural hydration and avoid irritating your skin.

4. Try a humidifier

A humidifier is non-negotiable for supermodel and Vida Glow friend of the brand, Irina Shayk. By filling the air with just the right amount of humidity, the bedside device minimises water loss overnight to ensure Irina’s skin is plump and hydrated by morning.

5. Work in layers

Instead of reaching for a thick, moisturising cream like you would in winter, your summer skincare routine should work in lightweight layers. This will balance and replenish your skin’s hydration deep down – without leaving you with feeling excessively oily.

Start your daily routine with a base of Natural Marine Collagen. By stimulating collagen production and strengthening the collagen matrix, skin’s health and structure are optimsed from within. So you see the maximum benefit from ingestible and topical skincare that follows.

When your skin’s feeling dry, add one to two ampoules of Hyaluronic Complex to rehydrate your skin. Take daily, year-round if you’re naturally dry of dehydrated. Or if you skin feels dry during the change of seasons or travel, try a two-week course of Hyaluronic Complex to restore and rebalance your complexion.

Once you’ve replenished your skin’s hydration from within, top it off with a rejuvenating serum like our Age Defiance Rapid Renewal Serum – which is formulated with vitamin C to brighten and help protect skin from dark spots – and a refreshing gel-cream. If your skin’s craving even more moisture, follow with a facial oil or sleeping mask overnight.


When the summer sun leaves your skin dry and dehydrated, double-down on your hydrating skincare. By making small adjustments to your skincare and daily routines, you can minimise water loss and inflammation to support dewy, hydrated skin all season.

Want to learn more about a complete routine for dry and dehydrated skin? Come inside Vida Glow’s bidirectional skincare routine.



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