Your guide to: Which collagen is best for skin?

Your guide to: Which collagen is best for skin?

Your guide to: Which collagen is best for skin?

If you’re looking to take your routine to the next level, the best collagen supplement for skin delivers clinically proven, visible benefits.

Whether your skin is dry and dehydrated or you’re seeing breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles or loss of elasticity, here’s how to find the right collagen for skin and your routine. Keep reading to learn collagen’s importance for skin and how as little as one daily sachet supports a firm and healthy complexion.

Do collagen supplements help skin?

Collagen is the protein responsible for youthful skin. But with the natural ageing process, collagen production declines and our skin becomes drier and finer, and loses its elasticity.

Collagen for skin works by supplementing the peptides and amino acids needed for collagen production into the body. This stimulates its production and replenishes collagen to support skin’s health and glow from the inside out.

What is the best collagen for skin and your concerns?

The best collagen supplement for skin is a hydrolysed marine collagen peptide powder.

By reducing the molecular weight of marine collagen, Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is effectively and efficiently absorbed. So you can achieve the maximum benefits of collagen for skin. Plus, marine collagen contains the specific peptides and amino acids for visible benefits in skin, hair and nails.

No matter your skin concerns, this is what consistent collagen supplementation can do for you.

Collagen supplements for wrinkles

Collagen is best known for its anti-ageing benefits for skin. When supplemented daily, collagen supplements for wrinkles strengthen collagen fibres in skin. This softens wrinkles, plumps fine lines and smooths the complexion. And the benefits of collagen for wrinkles are clinically proven too. After 12 weeks of one daily sachet, clinical trials found 70% of women recorded a significant improvement to crow’s feet wrinkles and a 60% improvement to wrinkles around the mouth(1).

Collagen for skin elasticity

By stimulating collagen production, the best collagen supplement for skin will also increase skin elasticity in 12 weeks(2). This means you’ll see bouncy skin that’s more resilient to the natural ageing process and wrinkling. 

Collagen for dry skin

Collagen also maintains skin structure and enhances its function, which helps to quench dry and dehydrated skin. Vida Glow’s hydrolysed marine collagen is clinically proven to increase skin hydration after 12 weeks(2), and even supports wound healing(3). If you have sensitive skin or have overindulged in high-strength actives, collagen supplementation may help repair dry, stressed-out skin.

Collagen for clear skin

Increasing skin hydration can help balance skin’s moisture levels and oil production – meaning there may be benefits of collagen for clear skin. Our community have also noticed that by stimulating collagen production and smoothing skin’s surface, marine collagen has helped reduced the appearance of textural imperfections. So skin appears clear and balanced with the support of daily collagen supplementation.

To find the best collagen for skin, look for a clinically proven formula you can easily adopt into your daily routine. By finding an effective marine collagen, you’ll achieve visible results for wrinkles, elasticity, skin hydration and a balanced complexion all in one.

Want to learn more about marine collagen? Here’s our founder, Anna Lahey, with everything you need to know about marine collagen.

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