Skin in the Game: Jordyn Christensen on unlocking Gen-Z, TikTok and internet culture

Skin in the Game: Jordyn Christensen on unlocking Gen-Z, TikTok and internet culture

Skin in the Game: Jordyn Christensen on unlocking Gen-Z, TikTok and internet culture

Vida Glow's SKIN IN THE GAME is an unmissable series spotlighting the game changers and innovators challenging the status quo and forging better futures. They'll share their journey and impart their expert knowledge providing inspiration and practical advice for career and life.

Connecting with one of the most fickle generations, Jordyn Christensen has traversed territory many in media couldn’t. She’s cracked Gen Z – a generation renowned collectively for its mercuriality, complexity and power.

Technically a millennial, Jordyn, 27, is a co-founder of Centennial Beauty, a digital media brand that reaches over 2 million youths per month with its coverage of internet culture, creator economy and viral news. Spotlighted by Forbes, Jordyn is listed in the publication’s prestigious 30 under 30 for her contribution to media advertising and her business won Launch Of The Year in 2020 at the highly publicised Mumbrella Publisher Awards.

Yet all this success doesn’t come by chance. Jordyn, along with her business partner Lauren Meisner, had a plan from the outset – to speak to a generation that was excluded by traditional media. A proposition that was, and still is, industry ground-breaking. To this date, no other media brand in Australia prioritises the same Gen Z-focused conversations and content as Centennial Beauty.

Jordyn joins Vida Glow for our SKIN IN THE GAME series to share her insights on building a successful digital business, the nuances of internet culture and what it takes to go viral online.

Watch the full episode here, or read on for Jordyn’s practical tips and advice.


On connecting with Gen Z...

“You have to be on the apps. You have to be on TikTok. And you have to be using it and engaging with it yourself to understand the way trends move and the nuances of the conversations that are happening. There's no substitute for using the platforms that Gen Z use and engage with.”

On going "viral"...

“There is no one single ingredient or trick to going viral. But there are a few common threads that can contribute to brands going viral. Use content creators as key opinion leaders. Find creators that [the audience] trust and bring them on board to help deliver your message. Don’t hold onto your messaging too tightly, let people relay it in their own terms. There are a few things that, if you line them all up, your chances of going viral increases. But there is no single ingredient list to going viral.”

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