Introducing Radiance+ delivering stronger and faster results

Introducing Radiance+ delivering stronger and faster results

Introducing Radiance+ delivering stronger and faster results

Unlock brighter, more radiant skin with a superior supplement for pigmentation, melasma, dark spots and age spots.

Frustrated by stubborn pigmentation? Radiance+ is our next-generation solution fading uneven skin tone and dark spots for a more even, radiant complexion. 

An advanced supplement, Radiance+ is powered by our hero active, Mela-tech™, promising more visible and faster results in fading stubborn pigmentation, melasma and dark spots. It works to reduce existing pigmentation and prevent future pigmentation from occurring. 

Key supporting ingredients including French maritime pine bark, alpha lipoic acid and artichoke extract, further bolster the formulation to give you even better results.

Radiance + is a tasteless, and when taken once-daily it delivers results in as soon as 4 weeks.  

Benefits of Radiance+

- Reduce dark spot intensity by an average of 77%

- Reduce the area size of melasma by 38%

- Reduce pigmentation intensity by 22%

Want to know more about Radiance+? Read on.

Why have you reformulated Radiance? 

Because your skin deserves the best. We’re always looking for ways to deliver you the most transformative results, even if that means upgrading our popular products. Radiance+ includes new ingredients that had not yet been researched at the time of our initial Radiance formulation. We’re confident you’re going to see even better results from Radiance+ in as soon as 4 weeks (that’s just one bottle).    

What’s new/different about Radiance+? 
We’ve completely reformulated Radiance to address signs of pigmentation faster with Radiance+. It contains clinically effective actives like Mela-tech™, French maritime pine bark, artichoke extract and alpha lipoic acid. With regular use, dark spot intensity is reduced by 77% and the size of melasma is reduced by 38%. Skin appears even and radiant.  

If I’ve been taking Radiance for a while, will I see a difference if I take Radiance+? 
Yes, you will. Pigmentation is a stubborn skin concern to correct. Radiance+ more potent and works faster to visibly reduce the size and intensity of melasma and dark spots. It also works to prevent new pigmentation from occurring. You can expect even more radiant skin long-term with Radiance+.  

What’s the difference between Radiance+ and Luminous? 
In a beauty routine, consider Luminous as your foundation working across the complexion and body to create a brighter, luminous complexion. And Radiance+ is like your concealer targeting specific areas of skin imperfections caused by excess melanin accumulation like age spots, melasma and sunspots. Together in a routine, Radiance+ and Luminous can help you achieve your brightest, healthiest skin. 

Why is Radiance+ better? 
The biggest difference is Radiance+ fades the appearance of pigmentation even faster. Ingredients in the brand-new formula of Radiance+ are clinically studied to show results after just one month of daily use – that’s one bottle of Radiance+. Radiance+ will continue to deliver results over time and while also preventing future skin tone discoloration from occurring. It’s our most potent formula for melasma, sunspots, age spots and post-acne marks yet.  

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