Meet our Ambassador

Brittany Darling
Vida Glow's Resident Nutritionist
Brittany Darling
Brittany Darling is an Accredited Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist specialising in Chronic Illnesses and Skin Conditions
Brittany's comprehensive 1:1 consultations are designed to help you rid yourself of the burden of disease and dysfunction.  She formulates personalised nutritional and lifestyle plans based on your needs, as no two people are the same. Whether it's psoriasis, arthritis, cardiovascular or autoimmune disease, thyroid or reproductive troubles, Brittany can help to identify the cause, exacerbating factors and bring your body back to balance.
Brittany has been consulting with patients in her busy clinical practice in Sydney since 2010. In 2014, Brittany launched online consultations via Skype, allowing her to spend more time with her two young children, as well as expanding her clientele internationally and to regional Australia.
As a Nutritionist and Herbalist, Brittany works 1:1 with patients guiding them towards mindful eating and living. Her holistic and supportive approach, works with patients' individual needs and is careful not to overwhelm or add more stress to daily life. 
Brittany has earnt the reputation of one of Australia’s leading Nutritionist and Herbalists. 
Brittany met Anna Lahey (Co- Founder of Vida Glow) at a mutual friends BBQ. Naturally they hit it off straight away, both being interested in health and they exchanged details. Brittany started using Vida Glow a few weeks later. Within a month of taking Vida Glow marine collagen she noticed a significant improvement with her rosacea, which she had struggled with since she was a teen. The only time her rosacea completely went away was when she was breastfeeding or pregnant. Not only did she find it was great for rosacea but helpful in reducing stretch marks, cellulite and postnatal hair loss, that she had after the birth of her second child.  Seven months later, Brittany joined Vida Glow as their resident nutritionist.
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