What was the inspiration behind starting Vida Glow? 

In my late teens and early 20’s I really struggled with growing my hair and a natural manicure. As a little girl, I loved watching my mum take care of herself. She has always been so glamorous and never left the house with unpolished nails or messy hair. Although, I’m a lot more relaxed than my gorgeous mum (I live in active wear, even when I’m not being “active”), watching her getting ready for the day, and tagging along to her hair or nail appointments really stuck with me. 

I wasn’t blessed with her genes, my hair was whispy, would heavily shed and my nails did not grow. I relied on “natural” looking hair and nail extensions. The upkeep was time consuming, and unlike real hair and nails – if you missed an appointment, the result wasn’t pretty. I really got over all the maintenance, but after trying every hair, and nail supplement available with no improvements, I resorted to acrylics and hair extensions. 

That is until I discovered marine collagen in Japan. Within two weeks of taking 3 servings a day, I was shocked at the difference. My hair would shed so much, that every fortnight I’d have to pour acid down the drain in the shower to unblock it. My hair stopped falling out after 3 weeks of taking marine collagen, and I had a natural manicure at 4 weeks. 

Needless to say I was impressed, I raved to my friends about the benefits and discovered that there was an abundance of research behind collagen supplementation, and the benefits went far beyond hair, skin and nails. 

There really wasn’t anything like it available in Australia, and this was when the “idea” began. I was born in Brazil and “Vida” in Portuguese means “life”. I felt as if this miracle supplement had brought me back to life, so the name seemed appropriate.

Your beauty advice for women in their 20s 

Wear sunscreen on your face, neck and back of hands. 

When on the go, what's your quick and easy wellness routine? 

I love my fitbit, I don’t always wear it, especially when out to dinner or a nice lunch. Day to day, however I keep it on. It’s like a little competition with myself; just walk a little further, get those extra steps, take the stairs not the elevator, nearly at your goal Anna - so push a little harder. It sounds silly, but it works! I aim for 15,000 steps a day. Every day. 

Exercise wise I love Yoga at Flow Athletic, walking my two Pomeranians George & Daphne at beautiful Rushcutters Park in Sydney, and cardio either a short 5km run or a dance class. The combo of yoga, walking and a couple of cardio sessions a week, works for me. It keeps me lean and toned. 

I walk everyday, 7 days. Unless it’s absolutely pouring. Yoga 2 – 3 times a week. Cardio twice a week.

What are your handbag essentials? 

* A sachet of Original Vida Glow * Chanel Lipstick Mademoiselle no. 434 * iPhone 7 * Keys with my Charlie Horse of Course Pom Pom * Sunglasses  * Cash, Cards, Drivers License

Who or What do you look to for inspiration? 

Work - My husband, he is the hardest worker I know. He inspires me. He has integrity, he is never lazy, and always gives the best advice. 

Style – Victoria Beckham, her style is classic chic.

Diet and Exercise – Kate Kendall, my yoga teacher. She really believes in nourishing your mind and body to be the best version of yourself. 

Unconditional Love – My two beautiful dogs. They always love me, no matter what kind of day I’ve had, or mood I’m in, they’re happy to see me. It’s amazing what animals can teach us. They’ve taught me patience; they brighten up the gloomiest day. I’m a better person for having them in my life, I’m so grateful to them. 

What is one thing people don't know about you? 

My ‘creation journal.’ When one is completed, I start a new one. It’s not a ‘dear diary’ kinda thing. It’s magazine cut-outs of pretty things I like, destinations I want to visit, jewellery I appreciate, favourite quotes, scribbles of what I’m grateful for etc. 

It’s a type of written visualisation, if you will. 

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction. I take it everywhere with me, and collect things from so many moments in time. Sometimes I look back on ones from years ago. It still blows my mind how many things I have manifested from creative visualisation. I find it a powerful tool to allow the creative juices to flow and have tried to implement a similar thing in the Vida Glow office – it’s more of a board though. My personal one needs to be portable.

Your favourite way to unwind and relax? 

Every month I schedule in a massage and facial. It’s my ‘treat to myself,’ a two-hour treatment of pure relaxation. Business, and let’s face it, life in general can get stressful. So instead of impulse buying a pair of shoes, I invest in ‘me time.’ No phones, emails or outside noise. 

Sweet or savoury?